XIMATIC Data Engineering

Recovering data since 2005 in Denver Colorado  720.870.3739


Ximatic Data Engineering was formed in June 2005. Our team is comprised of members with backgrounds from all aspects of business and technology (we hold degrees in Industrial, IT, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering), united for one common goal - to help you get back on track after a data loss situation!

Ximatic was originally founded to support the Denver area's other recovery companies from behind the scenes. We've been here all along recovering your data. Now that the economy and our industry have changed, we have decided to offer our expertice directly to you! We look forward to serving you.


Our team of expert, ethical and certified engineers with Industrial, Electrical, Mechanical and IT degrees will handle your important and confidential data recovery process. We can overcome logical failures and physical failures on your media to get your data back. We are knowledgeable with over 40 years combined experience in data recovery. We have state of the art instruments, tools, and techniques that help us make temporary component level electronic repairs and firmware changes to logic boards. We have a clean enviroment that allows us to open hard drives for only two specific tasks; platter transplant operations or head assembly units replacement. Your personal or business information is guaranteed to be kept private and confidential.