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I had a broken USB Drive with all my work files on it from the past 13 years! I felt desperate to get the data recovered.   I called a couple of other places and one wanted to charge me $20.00 to bring the USB port to their data recovery center.  I found Ximatic and called and spoke with Ray.  He asked me questions about the USB drive, and when I asked if I could bring it in personally, he said, “Of course!”   I was so relieved to be talking to a person who cared!  When I arrived he told me he had a cancellation and could put me in the queue that day to work on it.

My data recovery turned out to be a “physical recovery” because one of the circuits were broken.  Was able to engineer a solution that worked specifically for my problem.  Because of his years of experience and depth of knowledge, he was able to go further and eventually re-capture all the data for me!  He gave me personalized service, there were no hidden costs, and I felt like I made a new friend!  Ray is an electrical engineer and is able to do complicated recoveries.  I learned that there is more than one way to recover data, which was a valuable lesson for me!   If you have been told that your data is “unrecoverable,” call Ximatic.  You have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain!  I am eternally grateful for Ximatic.

Rev. Jenny Lannom, M.Div, BCC

I can't say enough wonderful things about Ximatic and their team. I was devastated when my external hard drive stopped working and I thought I had lost all of my pictures and videos! Absolutely DEVASTATED! I made a few calls in the Denver area and found Ximatic. Dana was so friendly and helpful on the phone, so I brought my non-working drive to Ximatic. Rinaldo was patient and kind, he explained the process to me and quoted me a price and time frame. They were able to get back almost ALL of my pictures! I am so happy with Ximatic, and I would strongly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in my situation!"

Also, if you would like to read about my experience further, here is my blog post. http://www.operationtallyho.com/the-great-hard-drive-crash-of-2011

Thanks again! Briana.

Ximatic saved me almost $1000 on data recovery. I had a Apple SATA hard drive physically fail (heads and board) and Ximatic was able to recover all my data in 3 days. I got a quote from another data recovery place and they quoted my $2000 plus $276 for parts. Ximatic's MAX quote is $1500, so it was a no-brainer. Got all my data recovered for $1300. Costs obviously vary by job, but I would HIGHLY recommend this company for your data recovery needs.
Leeroy Brown

Deborah Jane Wells – Artist, Author, Life coach

During the migration of my computer equipment to my wonderful new life coaching office, I lost access to all of the data stored on my 2TB data drive - a lifetime (57 years) of data. more...

I was referred to Ximatic when my daughters Macbook hard drive crashed. As it turned out, this was a "Physical" failure, and needed the attention of some real pros to recover her 4,000+ iTunes library, photos she had stored from the past several years, college papers and assignments - basically, everything on her laptop that had not been backed up. Dana and the team at Ximatic went to work on the drive, and were able to recover everything. What a lifesaver! They worked with us to make sure that everything that we thought was on the drive was recovered, and sat down with me to review what they had captured. We also got some hands on support after the fact to help us get the data they saved to our external hard drive back onto her Macbook. Given the invaluable nature of the data we thought we had lost, the cost was just and fair. I highly recommend Ximatic and the invaluable service they provide.
Tom Miller

One of our traveling salesmen had a hard drive fail in his laptop. He was quit busy and had not time to synchronizes his data back to the network. He was very concerned he was going to lose so much work. Ximatic was able to recover all of the data in a timely manner and kept me up to date through out the entire process. Professional, affordable, effective! Thanks Ximatic.
Sean Crow Innospec Fuel Specialties.

The guys at Ximatic are AMAZING not only was the service great but they really took the time to keep me informed every step along the way. We had a hard drive that we were sure was dead and gone, but those guys recovered every bit of data we needed. We will be returning to them for all of our data recovery needs.
Aaron H University of Colorado.

This is the go-to company if you need data recovered from a failed or corrupted hard disk or disk array. They have the equipment and a talented team to recover your data. I received prompt, professional, and competent service from the team at XIMATIC to recover critical data from a failed hard disk. I highly recommend this expert team if you have the need to recover data from a misbehaving hard disk.
Gary F.Senior IT Professional.

All of my videos and photos were saved on my external hard drive when it crashed. I called Zimatic and the staff was very knowledgable and professional. I brought it in and they took a look at it immediately and gave me an estimate. After they recovered my data they let me review it to make sure I was satisfied. Plus they have the best price, which means a lot in this tough economy. Thanks, Ximatic.
Lindsay W.

Yuma School District 1 Testimonial
In March 2010 YSD-1 discovered the Raid 5 server that hosts the district’s SIS had crashed. In an effort to recover their data, they contacted Ximatic.
Ximatic Data Engineering is a Denver-based data recovery company that specializes in the recovery of sensitive data from storage devices large and small. Whether it’s a camera card or Raid server, Ximatic has the technical expertise to save what’s important. Ximatic was able to provide a very competitive cost estimate for restoring the server’s data. YSD-1 was impressed by how responsive and friendly Ximatic was and appreciated the fact that they could drive the faulty server to Ximatic’s facilitates rather than spend time and money shipping the server to an out-of-state firm.

With the server in-hand Ximatic’s technicians got to work. Because of how urgently YSD-1 needed access to their data, Ximatic not only worked over the weekend to restore the data, but provided it to YSD-1 on an alternative storage device while technicians continued to work to repair the server. Within five days YSD-1 had their data.

"Other data recovery companies were not as understanding of how quickly we needed our data or our budget constraints. The Ximatic team was professional, responsive and provided our student data much faster than anyone else projected. They offered us viable solutions, confidentiality and were a great team to work with,” said YSD-1 Technology Director, Denise Veal.

Ximatic came to my rescue when a thumb drive holding vital data crashed. It took them less than 24 hours to recover all data. Their prices are reasonable and their staff is friendly and receptive. I give them a very strong recommendation.
Blair A.